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We are a family company so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Alan, Sue and their three daughters keep this side of things running.

Anna Peffers - although a full time teacher, just can't quite break away.  She still does a fair bit of driving and can often be seen at the yard, keeping an eye on the office operations.

Philippa Castles - now lives up in the Hawkes Bay but is heavily involved in the office administration activities.  An office manager in her other role, she keeps a finger on the pulse of whats happening.

Lina Castles - is now full time at Dannevirke Carriers.  She has been off travelling but something keeps bringing her home.  Now she is back full time and intends to juggle her time between the office administration, phone and of course Lina will no doubt be out and about in a truck from time to time too.

Sue Castles - started the office administration when Alan and Phil first started.  She has watched it grow and still runs the company from behind the scenes.

We told you we were a family business!