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Gary Ferrick is our longest serving driver.  He is another local to Dannevirke.  From a rural family he understands stock and what it takes to shift them safely, effectively and efficiently.  Gary has recently shifted trucks from Truck number 7 to a brand new Volvo - The New Truck 6.  Excited by the move, the Volvo is still cruising around the country as shiny as it was the day it arrived late 2012.

Isaac Appleton was spoilt recently when the decision was made to purchase a second Volvo.  Replacing Isaacs older number 9 Izuzu he too is excited by the change.  A young man known for his driving skills, it is great to have him onboard.  Isaac is laid back and relaxed, making him the perfect guy to keep your stock calm as he handles them.

Glenn McNicol, part of the well known McNicol trucking family of Dannevirke.  Glenn is the proud driver of the new Nissan truck.  It is known as the little number 5, catering for the smaller number loads around the country.  Occasionally  he takes the crate off it, but Glenn spends most of his time shifting stock about.

Bronson Lilo is the newest member of staff.  He is a specialist stock driver but will no doubt be out and about in a bulk truck too.  Bronson is driving number 7 - FUSO - he seems to enjoy being behind the wheel in a green truck, long may that excitement last!

We've got a few part time/relief drivers too.  They are the guys that cruise around the country in our green trucks because they just love it!  Tony Kent, James Walker and Nigel Wrenn are our first contacts and are usually chomping at the bit to get off their farms for the day and see what is happening around the community, so give these guys a smile too.