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We are a small business, where everyone does everything.. it's just how we roll!

Alan Castles - He is usually the one that answers the phone.  Operations Manager  - but its hard to keep him in the office, so don't be surprised if you still see him behind the wheel occasionally!

Alan and Sue are locals to Dannevirke, born and bred vegasites.  They started their married life as farmers in the Te Uri district.  Sue's interest in horses was passed onto the four kids and soon summers were spent traveling the North Island, and sometimes South, competing with their horses.  Alan decided the horse truck had to pay its way and started general haulage for the community, specifically his supportive neighbours.  The oldest daughter Anna took over the driving duties and something new was beginning.  Alan and Sue sold the farm and moved to town and well, the rest is history as they say.

Phil Peffers -  He is a full time driver and owner of the company.  Driving Truck number 4, his unit converts between bulk and livestock haulage. 

Phil and Anna Peffers are active members of the Dannevirke community.  Anna, of course is Alan and Sue's oldest.  Phil has worked in Dannevirke all his working life and loves his trucks.  Alan and Phil started it all back in 2000 with just two trucks, one each, and since then have worked hard to grow the company into what it is today.  Hard work and dedication sum up the commitment they have showed.  Anna can still be seen occasionally driving one of the green trucks, although now days she spends most of her time as a school teacher at Huia Range Primary School right here in town.  Where both their children Rhys and Sally attend.

Nigel Castles - A owner of the company is also a full time driver.  He drives Truck number 3 - which also converts between bulk and livestock regularly.

Nigel and Ailsa Castles are born and bred locals and spend alot of time in the community, particularly in the sporting circles.  Nigel is Alan and Sue's only son and joined Alan and Phil shortly after the inception of Dannevirke Carriers.  Nigel completed his degree in Business at Massey University before returning to Dannevirke to drive full time.  Now he can use his knowledge and experience, coupled with Alan and Phils ideas and expertise to develop and run a very successful transport company.  Nigel and Ailsa's two daughters, Bayly and Korah are often in the passenger seat keeping their Dad company.